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Obviously, it’s difficult to define battlefield 4 in terms of single-player with words. Angry sea, buildings collapsing, choppers sinking, guns firing, blasts happening every where this is what you get and experience, welcome to the battle soldiers!. showing an wrecked whip sinking infront of your eyes with skies and seas turning into flames is one hell of a action play and excellent gameplay , the Frostbite 3 engine has proved to be giving out gorgeous lighting and some impressive destructible scenery/scenes, with chunks  of the ship’s hull tearing away and structres blown into dust you definitely feel like your in a world war and the visuals are incredible. You will get to see a lot of interesting set-piece combats as the decks will fall away and the waters get higher, and ofcourse not to talk about all the sliding jets and crinkly enemies you have to control.

Since the visuals/graphics are superb and they level absolutely stunning,  full of turret sequences and the kind of action where you can be left looking rather than playing. If you want or are desiring for a whole new take on a military shooter then, Battlefield 4 might just not be for you. most of the part will depend on the game’s new story line , which is supposed to give the players a whole new action and terrifying qualities of action regardless of single player or multi-player. We still need to see a little more of action lying with of battlefield for that and shall see in the beta phases.

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ON the other side, lets talk about the game whose most wanted in terms of multi-player, the game will supply several dlcs which you can get all of them with definitely the Battlefield 4 Premium pack which will include all of them with exclusive 12 battlepacks, however there is also a digital deluxe edition in which you would only get the China Rising DLC, and at the last but not the least is the standard version which has all access to the game and multiplayer but not the awards mentioned in premium and digital deluxe versions, but lets see what the multiplayer has in store for us regardless of the pack you have, the action will be same only the apparatus will be change, an big hands-on with the multiplayer section got us much more satisfied. The whole of the shangai was almost exporable and their was large enough field for 64 players to roam and kick off with war, guns, vehicles, jets, planes all at one place and yeh not to forget the tanks.

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